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“It´s a Lifestyle”PROGRAM

Your body is asking for changes but… every time you try comes anger and frustration! Have you ever thought “is this even for me?”

Then, I’m glad you’re here. On the internet and even around you, you’re going to find a lot of information but most importantly is how to understand it and how to adapt it to your needs.

Let me help you reach your own healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and connecting with your inner self.

Let’s get started!


This is an online program in which you have the opportunity of not being lonely through your transformation process. We’ll work together on those health goals you’ve always wanted to achieve. I’ll give you different skills to help you reach all these goals. This is your chance of being listened to with all those needs and questions you always had for starting your new healthy lifestyle!

  • 6 Health coaching on line sessions (2 sessions per month) in here I’ll share with you input about nutrition, healthy habits and personal care.
  • 2 special classes: reading and understanding labels and what is inside your pantry.
  • 3 months of program follow up done by emails and social media.
  • Progress development.
  • Easy recipes to make through your training.
  • Fun and easy readings to help you deepen your newly earned knowledge.
The most important thing about all this process: What are you learning?
  • To listen to your body. (Believe me, it has a lot to say!)
  • To understand better your surroundings.
  • To make better choices for your favorite food.
  • To be in tune with your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • The importance of proper nourishment.

“your pantry, your lifestyle” program

Probably you’ve been to the supermarket multiple times and you find yourself with multiple choices for healthy products, the thing is that you probably don’t understand which one is the best for you.

Do you want to understand how to take the decisions on which one is better for you? Then this program is what you were looking for!

Learning to pick what is best for you isn’t as easy as it seems…

Even though our body is wise, having the proper skills gives us an extra advantage and confidence to understand if certain decision is right and if we’re going in the right path.


Here we’re making a revision of every product you eat so we can understand the truth! How much of everything you have in there reflects in the lifestyle you want to achieve?

Here we show you the tools we’re giving you:

  • 4 sessions on “Health Coaching” online (1 Class per week) here I’ll share with you valuable info about reading labels and understanding nutritional values.
  • We’re getting inside your pantry (deep!)
  • Weekly follow up on email and social media.
  • You’ll get an easy guide to understand every single label and nutritional fact.
  • To choose better versions of your favorite foods.
  • To read and understand ingredients.
  • To recognize controversial ingredients.
  • You’ll understand every different word brands put on their labels, like: Organic, non GMO, Cage Free, Gluten Free, etc.
  • You’ll get a nutritional guide to help you understand and make better eating decisions. mejores versiones de los alimentos.