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I’m ImeAboutIme Lizarraga Certified Health Coach

This is my story

My journey through health have been an amazing awakening, in which every day I build a fun and balanced way of healthy living.

I’ve always believed that the world needed to be something else, that life couldn’t just end at the moment you reached your professional goals. It had to be something more than just working 8 hours a day, eating and sleeping like a robot. I just needed to have something else…

My life hasn’t always been an easy ride, I went through a rough and vicious circle that ironically, became one of the key moments in my life: bulimia. This life chancing experience helped me realize my virtues and mistakes and more importantly, I understood that my strength to keep doing lay solely on me.

My professional career started as Manager in Marketing for several global brands, this path allowed me to see and understand that by eating healthy and exercising regularly my body worked better than ever.

This is when it finally hit me that Nutrition played a key duty in my life, so I decided to enroll at the Integrative Nutrition in New York, where I learned different methods of coaching, eating and dietary theories, such as: gluten free programs, paleo, macrobiotic, among others.

Physical and Spiritual Connection

I’m the mother of a beautiful little girl that inspired me to become more responsible and that help me understand the real changes that I needed. I started by breaking the “I can’t cook” circle and began to get more involved in a totally different way. We understood, as a family, that connecting with what you eat is a lifestyle.

As my studies continued I kept exploring different paths so as I started to listen to my own body my mind, energy and body changed completely, I had a better connection with my family and experienced a true spiritual rekindle with my job and community.

Nowadays I connect better with food, in a totally different way! Not just to fill voids but for feeding my body and to help me feel happy and healthy.

My passion for this lifestyle changed me completely and inspires me to help others. For them is my message, the most important thing? Be good with yourselves! This is going to help you be good with others; eating healthy is key to achieve this.

Today I help people have a balance between the home life and the professional life, because Yes You Can! Learn to understand your body and to realize that this isn’t dieting, this is a new path in life. The most important thing? Respect your individuality because we’re unique human beings.

This is not about living life through the eyes of others, this is all about you! Make it your experience and live your positive changes. I always knew that I had something more to offer in life and now I’m living it!