disabled attribute. Specifies which form the fieldset belongs to. text. // not IE: fieldset[disabled] > legend:nth-of-type(n+2) :can-disable return function ( elem ) { // Check form elements and option elements for explicit disabling For grouped radio and checkbox buttons, it's recommended to use a fieldset with a legend to provide an accessible group label. Despite that fact people want to be guided through complex processes without understanding those deeply. The controlgroup widget uses the jQuery UI CSS framework to style its look and feel. I want the fields within the fieldset to be validated if the radio button is selected and the fields are enabled. Coolfieldset is a jQuery plugin designed to create an Accordion-style collapsible / expandable fieldset with smooth toggle animations. DropdownList, TextBox or Button according to DropDownList selection in asp.net using jQuery. return. The :disabled selector should only be used for selecting HTML elements that support the disabled attribute (