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fresh-ananaspineapple-in-female-hands-picjumbo-comas a health coach I can help you rediscover the power that you already have thorough healthy eating.

¡Start today!

We’re finding our spot at a new era, in where our body and soul are asking for changes. Maybe your body isn’t asking for the same meals you used to love so much. Now you’re hungry for new flavors or maybe you feel the need to listen to your body, choosing better ways to feed it.

Our bodies are having new needs and ways of syncing, as we listen to them, we’re having a higher vibe so we can enjoy them properly within a healthy lifestyle.

But… where do we start?

I would love to share with you the principles that made me who I am today, everything that helped me to put my health at the top of my list and change everything into a lifestyle:

1) BIO-INDIVIDUALITY ™: To understand that we’re unique beings with different needs. Each and every one of us have their lifestyle, thus, what works as a meal for some it might be poison for others.

So… how do you understand it?

  • Accept diversity: In my case, as I was learning the different theories on nutrition (paleo diets, vegetarianism, low fat and low carb diets) I tried what worked best and what didn’t do much for my body. This helped me build my own diet plan and pushed me to understand that I’m my own guide.
  • Listen to your body, how many times have we ignored the signs our bodies give us? Probably many, many times, all I did was start being in sync with what my body was asking. I mean, if a meal bloated me then I changed it for something different or changed the portion I was taking. The key here is consistency.

2) SOUL FOOD: The non nutritious sources of nutrition. These are nutriments that really fill us and bring us a natural energy source. There is a popular belief that says “Food doesn’t feed life; food give us life”

A good example of this? Children. Let´s see this from a pragmatic perspective: they’re playing and having fun, and then we call them to eat, but of course they’re children and either they don’t want to eat or aren’t hungry at all. They’re being feed by the game they’re having. Another good example would be, when we have a project that passion us, many times we even forget to eat, because our food is PRANA as some people say.

The most famous soul food? relationships, physical activity, spirituality and career that give us true passion.

3) “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT”: Even though it isn’t certain that this quote was said by Budha, it’s very well known and it doesn’t mean that if you eat a cow you’re instantly becoming a cow, of course not! It just means that if we eat the physical part of something we’re also eating its vibrations and energy.

So if our body is made by 72% water and water is energy, this means our body is pure energy. If atoms are energy and our body is made-up of atoms, then our body is energy. If food is energy and it becomes part of us… then EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY is energy!

Having this in mind, all I have to ask you, are you feeding your body to be healthy?

Let me paint you a picture here, are you tired of trying to fit to a diet? are you tired of toxic relationship? overwork? indulging in junk food without having any control? and most importantly, what makes you live… truly?

Are you ready to start a new and exciting path of health and fitness? I’m coming with you!